Find out about the training for your role or learn how you can help others through their training programme.

Here are the quick links to the Mandatory Ongoing Learning modules

Step 1: Check Your Roles Training Requirements

Training modules that you need to complete depend on the volunteer role that you are taking on. To find out the modules you need, visit Roles Table in POR, Chapter 16, which lists all roles and their training requirements. 

Step 2: Complete your Personal Learning Plan with your Training Adviser

We know that many Scout volunteers have prior learning which they can apply to their Scouts role. Meet with your Training Adviser and complete your Personal Learning Plan together, recognising your previous experience.

Your Training Adviser will be able to help you identify the modules when you discuss your Personal Learning Plan​ with them (if you have a role that requires this). This’ll help you identify the learning you need, as well as choosing the method of validation that’s right for you.

We can direct you to the person most appropriate within the District or County to help you achieve your learning goals.

Step 3: Complete your training modules

Now you’ve reached this point it’s time to work through the mandatory and role specific modules for all volunteers and discover your ongoing learning requirements and supplementary modules. To complete your Wood Badge training you need to complete all the mandatory and role specific modules detailed in the PLP which you have created alongside your training advisor.