Friday 5th of July saw members of all sections flock to Wincham Park (home of Witton Albion) for our District Sports Day. To see the photos click here

Our Squirrels’ trophy was awarded for the first time this year, won by 1st Moulton Squirrels. We look forward to seeing the event grow massively next year with more dreys attending.

District Lead Volunteer awarding a trophy to 4 Squirrels

The Beavers trophy this year was won by 1st Davenham, with many events similar to the Squirrels our Beavers also took part in egg and spoon races, bean bag slalom and relays

Beaver colony and 2 leaders with the District trophy

Our Cubs this year did an excellent job this year, the trophy going to 1st Moulton Pack who had a helper teammate from 1st Lostock Gralam in the relay.

District Lead Volunteer with 3 Moulton Cubs and a Lostock Cub holding a trophy

The Scouts this year were joined for the first time by Explorers from the district, although they were competing for different trophies.

4 Scouts in pairs, racing with a leg tied to their partner

Our Scouts and Explorers took part in many events similar to the younger sections with the addition of a three legged race, with the troop to take home the title this year being 1st Hartford.

5 Scouts with a trophy